Receipt of all submissions to the exclusive literary journal NOTHE will be acknowledged. Submissions of exceptional merit will receive critical commentary even when excluded from NOTHE. Responses to submitters who have clearly not read the entirety of the conditions described herein will contain notice of such. If you feel that you are above reproach or hold such a personal connection to your writing that your feelings may be bruised by suggestions that amount to rethinking your efforts, please send your texts elsewhere. Payment is made in the form of working with the rigorous editors of not onather tumbling hove of everything, sincere, if occasionally snotty literates who will engage with the writing of only those capable of drawing sparks from the page in order to alight the air between screen and eye with vengeful sympathy for those who would populate the monitors of the world with the prattle of every muttering finger capable of mousing their Muse into an email.

No attachments please. Inline text will serve during the first stage of the process. Please do not list your credentials.* Your creations should speak without egoference.


NOTHE seeks stories that feature developed characters and plots. Although we do seek lunacy and radical texts (please no “experimental” texts – all acts of literature are experimental), the submitter would do well to question whether or not their stories feature a clear central event, a strong dilemma, a compelling decision & action, and a logical or irresistibly illogical resolution that your narrative renders inevitable. Your character should have a conscious desire that conflicts with an unconscious need and live in a dynamic world that itself contributes to the crisis. This is usually achieved by having an election take place in the story. It is unlikely that stories under 5000 words will successfully develop narratives of this kind and in ways that practice both excess and avoid cliché. Stories directed at the theme of Magical Nihilism** will receive special attention. Please no romantic love stories, stories about pets (unless you are Thomas Mann), or scenarios that have happened (unless you as the ventriloquist of your character have lived through something undeniably remarkable, such as a widespread infection or war), though scenarios that could happen may be considered. Visit the links below for representative examples of what we're looking for.


As above, NOTHE seeks poetry that goes beyond cheap clichés and would prefer not to see the word “I” unless “you” can do something extraordinary with “it.” "We," "our," and related terminology is also suspect. "Let us _____," "_____ is not ____"  and "unto" anything or anyone have no place. A list of poetic bromide and rubber stamps would be lengthy, so please use your discretion with full knowledge that vapid expressions, trivial adages and hackneyed gibberish will be frowned upon in favor of rampant neologisms, surprising lexicorpses and patios manifestos. Let the abracadabra argot begin!

But wait, there's more ...

 Short is copacetic, but poems capable of the bloodshed and occasional ceasefire we seek will normally display feats of unstable, tenacious, indigestible, and utterly savory compositions of length. Please note that poems deploying the word "like" in order to convey simile, metaphor, etc. will be of no interest to us. Find another way. Please do not send poems about nature, personal feelings and impressions, or short meditative anecdotes regarding the whims and general constitution of humans, their pets, or other animals. Poems must either show a proclivity for sound or constraint or active engagement with vibrant and interesting personas preoccupied with absurd gestures that cannot possibly enact meaningful change unless attempting to prove that the world is not absurd (please make sure that your poems provide evidence that supports any such claim). If your poetry resembles poetry published in the countless other print and online journals that trade in the characteristics outlined above (and related thumbprints currently ruining the idea of poetry), please send it to those places.

Keep in mind NOTHE's secret formula for poetic success: Craft + Crap = Crapht.*** 

Video & Audio

Special attention will be paid to literary video and audio texts. Accepted submissions will be embedded within each issue of NOTHE.

How will you know when it's time to submit?

Representative examples**** of what we seek in all departments include:






KXF & Ecce Scriptor



Read & Daily Treated Spam







In the absence of suitable material, the inaugural and all subsequent launch dates will be delayed. Note that NOTHE may feature an annual print component if the submissions warrant the extravagance. The expert bookmaker at Produce Press, if more than sufficiently impressed will print these using his unique methods. This means the NOTHE paper edition will be modestly distributed via small press fairs, online distribution, occasionally snotty but equally cordial literary communities, libraries and remainder bins. Obviously, video and sound recordings present difficulties for print. However, transcripts, written orchestrations, and screenshots do not.

When you have carefully read the above guidelines, enjoyed the examples***** and think your materials satisfy the desires of this unique journal, please send submissions with NOTHE in the subject line to:

 r h i z o m a t i c @ m y w a y . c o m

* Author bylines at NOTHE will be limited to name only. Names of contributors can be hypertexted to your own website where you may describe your accomplishments at length. If you must have a byline longer than your own name, please do not submit.

** Both the specific and associated terms and concepts of Magical Nihilism are copywrong © 2010 NOTHE. Email for details regarding this constraint.

*** Both the specific and associated terms and concepts of Crapht are copywrong © 2010 NOTHE. Email for details regarding this constraint or acquire or ask your library to acquire Lex Talionis Schadenfreude.

**** Please note that the editors of NOTHE despise games of comparison. However, submitters deserve advance knowledge regarding why the tenor, tone and overall construction of your pieces may be declined. If you are not familiar with the examples provided in the links, please enjoy such texts via your favorite bookseller and do ask your nearest public and university libraries to acquire copies for the good of your intaxtended community.

***** All guidelines and examples are subject to change without notice and by submitting to NOTHE you grant permission to have the unNOTHE aspects of your writing described here in non-specific terms (rest assured that neither quotation or direct reference will be made). This is done in order to ensure submitters have the greatest possible understanding of what is and is not NOTHE.